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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. A Midwifery School, as well as seminars and training retreats are held each year to prepare midwives, doctors, and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary child deaths. 

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Suturing for Midwives

Suturing for Midwives

Learn suturing skills essential to midwifery care

This course worth 8 MEAC ACCREDITED CEU HOURS will include discussion and practice on the identification and repair of various degrees of perineal damage after childbirth, as well as appropriate supplies and technique. Learning and maintaining suturing skills and knowledge is an essential component of quality care for out-of-hospital midwives. 

Note: Full proficiency must be demonstrated before being issued the passing certificate and CEU's for this course. Be advised that you may need to register and pay again if you do not pass. 


COST: $280
($35 per CEU hour)

$25 discount for registering more than 30 days in advance. Ideally register at least 10 days in advance so we have enough supplies for everyone.

Note: Idaho residents are required to pass this course with full competency no more than one year prior to licensing. Cost for Idaho residents is discounted to $200.


Room and Board-Boise ONLY: Available on site for $50 per night, includes food and lodging and airport pick-up.

There are no refunds for any reason except a birth on the actual day of the seminar. If you cannot attend for any other reason, we will gladly transfer your fees to another live seminar we teach, or convert them into a donation.


Boise, Idaho: 
April 26, 2019
October 2, 2019




I. Identify the anatomy of pelvic floor and genitalia, and degrees of perineal damage (1 hour)

II. Identify appropriate supplies and equipment for perineal repair (20 mins)

III. Identify and practice appropriate use of local anesthetic (20 mins)

IV. Identify appropriate technique for perineal repair, including universal precautions, handling of equipment and disposal of supplies (20 mins)

III. Identify and practice various suturing techniques used in midwifery care, including: (2.5 hour)

  1. Square knot

  2. Interrupted stitches

  3. Running stitches

  4. Horizontal stitches

  5. Crown stitches

III. Identify and practice the repair of first, second and third degree perineal tears, as well as other situations (3.5 hours)


8:00am - 5:00pm