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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. A Midwifery School, as well as seminars and training retreats are held each year to prepare midwives, doctors, and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary child deaths. 


Online NARM Study Course

Online NARM Test Study Course

The NARM Exam is online, and so is our NARM Study Course!  

With Mercy In Action's Online NARM Test Study Course, you can take practice tests in the comfort of your own home, learn valuable study tips, and do homework assignments to get you prepared to pass the NARM exam.

80 plus hours worth of guided study and over 700 practice test questions will prepare you well . Evidence-based study tips, and homework assignments that will help you cement the knowledge you know, will help you ace the art of multiple choice questions. 

This online course is taught and guided by Vicki Penwell, a licensed CPM midwife with 40 years experience preparing more than 500 students to pass NARM and become CPMs using this method of practice testing, personalized study, and multiple choice test-taking tips. While there are no guarantees, a very high percentage of students who studied with Vicki have passed NARM the first time (or the next time they attempt it after completing all the components of this course!)


Online NARM Test Study Course: $499


Purchase anytime you are ready. You have access to the full course for 90 days after you purchase

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