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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. A Midwifery School, as well as seminars and training retreats are held each year to prepare midwives, doctors, and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary child deaths. 

Midwifery Assistant workshop reviews

Midwifery Assistant workshop - Participant Reviews

The Midwifery Assistant Workshop was everything I needed it to be and more. It was hands-on from beginning to end and really showed how valuable the midwifes assistant is as part of the birth team. Kristen and Vicki took the time to review concepts and steps when we had questions without making us feel rushed or hesitant in asking them to go over something again. I left the training feeling more confident about taking vitals, less intimidated by vaginal exams and more empowered about my ability to assist a mom in an unexpected situation. I would highly recommend this workshop for aspiring midwives and other birth workers.
~Tamara Wrenn


Several months ago, I had the great pleasure of participating in Mercy in Action's midwifery assistant skills workshop taught by Kristen Benoit. Kristen cultivated a warm, friendly atmosphere that made learning easy and fun. The content was compelling, evidence-based, and presented in a clear, accessible manner. I found the hands-on portion exciting and incredibly helpful. This workshop perfectly complemented my studies as a student nurse-midwife. I would recommend it to any doula, birth assistant, or aspiring/student midwife. It was a wonderful experience!  
~ Danielle Nazarenko, RN, SNM 


I am so glad that I took the Midwifery Assistant Skills workshop with Kristen right as I was beginning my apprenticeship.  The opportunity to practice hands on skills such as vital signs, blood loss estimation with realistic fake blood on chux pads, vaginal exams with a life-like box, and more, was a great way to bring my book learning to life.  I found the role playing and practice scenarios to be very helpful in building confidence as a beginning apprentice.  I learned so much evidence based knowledge and wisdom from discussions and lecture about many midwifery topics.  The experience of spending two days with fellow student and assistant midwives, from different backgrounds, and of varying levels and educational models, fostered a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie that I treasure and will seek out in the future.  I highly recommend this course for aspiring assistant midwives or those already in the assistant position who desire the benefits of learning in a group setting.
~Jessica Taffet


I truly enjoyed the Mercy In Action Midwifery Skills Training. As a birth doula considering working more regularly with midwives of color in the U.S. and West Africa, I was impressed with the accessible and comprehensive view I gained into the midwife role. Activities were hands-on and interactive - we performed vaginal exams on a realistic model, measured "fake" blood loss, and took one another's blood pressure and hemoglobin. Kristen expertly facilitated brief but sensitive discussion on topics from changes in evidence-based care and when (not) and how to intervene, to inequity and social justice issues in maternity care around the country and world. An excellent value for the cost and time of attending.
~ Ihotu Ali


"The midwifery assistant training was excellent. Susan did a great job teaching us basic skills that many, if not all of us, did not possess. Not only did we learn skills, but we discussed various scenarios and situations and walked through them, hands on! I have read some midwifery books, but still learned so much more. I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to learn more about assisting at births or just wanting to learn more about birth in general! I'll be talking about it and telling everyone about it for months to come!"
~Tory Keeter, MS,  Adjunct Professor, University of Oklahoma


I so appreciate you hosting this workshop! I found all of the materials, activities and discussions very interesting and helpful. It was such a great group of ladies to be surrounded by! As someone who has been drawn to the birthing community for years now (and  is finally able to get started with training), I enjoyed learning all the information and getting to talk with and listen to other women who were all at different stages of learning. This workshop has inspired me, and I cannot wait to attend some births!! I feel that this was a wonderful way for me to get started. I have a new thirst for knowledge now!
~Samantha Finley


I enjoyed the Midwife Assistant course so much! I loved the hands on learning and the comfortable environment. I have a much better understanding of all that goes into being a midwife assistant. Susan Smartt Cook teaches the course in a way that it easy to learn and fun!
~Janice Granata


Thanks for the midwifery Assistant scholarship. I was truly amazed your hands on teaching on style. You were very patient, understanding and therapeutic to all your students. I so wish you could hold some workshops in NC. 
~ Latisha Dunlap

"I recently had the privilege of attending my first Mercy In Action workshop.  It was beyond awesome.  I was touched in so many ways.  I learned so many valuable skills and left feeling a passion for birth work like I’ve never had!  Our instructor Jamie Dellesky was such a brilliant yet humble teacher!  And the mission of Mercy In Action had truly touched my heart and changed my perspective on birth forever.  The name says it all..... The mercy of Christ shown thru the actions of this organization!  I can’t wait to attend another workshop!  It was worth every penny!"
~ Cammie Warren