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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. A Midwifery School, as well as seminars and training retreats are held each year to prepare midwives, doctors, and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary child deaths. 

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International Midwifery and Disaster Response

International Midwifery and disaster response CEU Intensive Seminar

- Global Midwifery Skills: Newborn and Maternal Survival
- Midwifery Best-Practice in Developing Countries
- Midwives Responding to Disasters


This 4 day intensive seminar, International Midwifery and Disaster Response, which combines 33.5 hours worth of MEAC Accredited CEUs, was developed to train midwives who desire to serve in developing countries, low resource areas or disaster zones. In many places in the world maternal and infant mortality rates are unacceptably high; we will teach the most updated best-practices and innovations in safe maternity care globally. This course will focus on new research and simple technology to be implemented or scaled up to prevent and treat emergencies during pregnancy and childbirth in low-resource areas. We will explain the role of the midwife in a disaster response, and give invaluable training in how to create a safe birthing area when health care systems are down. Includes discussion of working under conditions of deprivation and providing maternity care in the absence of functioning health care systems. UNCEF, WHO, ICM and new global initiatives will be referenced. Focus will be on the 75 countries identified as carrying the burden of the majority of maternal and newborn deaths occurring in the world today.

Your Instructors: Vicki, Rose, and Ian Penwell are all CPMs and Licensed Midwives with decades of experience in both high and low risk deliveries in the Philippines and the USA. They keep up-to-date on best practices and research, and teach all over the world. They all have first-hand experience working and living as midwives in developing countries and  disaster-zones.


Full seminar: $825
($25 per CEU hour) Discount of $50 is given off full seminar price if paid online at least 30 days before start date

Partial seminar: varies
($35 per CEU hour)

Room and Board: Available on site in Boise only for $50 per night, includes food and lodging and airport pickup and dropoff.

Discount: There is a $100 discount off the full seminar price for paying 60 days in advance, and a $50 discount for paying 30 days in advance. The per ceu hour fee is not discountable.

There are no refunds for any reason except a birth on the actual day of the seminar. If you cannot attend for any other reason, we will gladly transfer your fees to another live seminar we teach, or convert them into a donation.


Dates to be announced.

Taught in various places by invitation. 

Contact us for information on hosting a seminar in your area.



I. Emergency Skills in Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum: (12 hours)   

a. Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Worldwide

b. Evidence-based Practices for Preventions/Treatments:

  1. Hemorrhage
  2. Obstructed labor
  3. Sepsis
  4. Eclampsia 

c. Appropriate lab tests and drugs; pharmacology

d. Focused Antenatal Care

e. Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS

f. Bridging the Gap: From High Resource to Low Resource Realities in the Provision of Maternity Care

II. Emergency Skills for Newborn Care: (9.5 hours)   

a. Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity Worldwide

b. Evidence-based Practices for Preventions/Treatments:

  1. Prematurity
  2. Birth Asphyxia
  3. Hypothermia
  4. Sepsis

c. Appropriate lab tests and drugs; pharmacology

d. Survival based on timing of colostrum, AFASS

e. Kangaroo care for low birth weight, premature

f. Microbe colonization and delayed cord clamping

g. Care of Newborn with HIV positive mother

h. Immediate Newborn Care and follow-up

III. Protecting MotherBaby in a Disaster (8 hours-3 hours Maternal Emergencies and 2 hours Newborn Emergencies)   

a. Principles of Best Practice Midwifery in Disasters

b. Emergency Care for pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn babies following disaster

c. Complication Preparedness Plan for Pregnant Women

d. Nutrition, Clean Water, and Shelter for Vulnerable Pregnant and Lactating women after a Disaster

e. Being a Responder: What is Helpful, What is Not

f. Preparation, Response, Recovery,  Mitigation

g. Case History: Mercy In Action’s Disaster Response 
following Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines, setting up Maternity Tents for providing Midwifery Model Maternity care amidst utter destruction

IV. Cultural  Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care (4 hours-Cultural Competency)   

a.Values and Belief Systems of Culturally Diverse Groups

b. Health disparities and overcoming barriers 

c. Cultural Issues for health professionals 

d. Categories of disrespect in maternity care and corresponding human rights

e. High Impact Culturally-influenced Solutions


Hours: 8 am to 6 pm daily

Hands-On and Interactive