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Cultural Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care: 4 Contact Hours: MEAC CEU ID #M1213-36-0601DE

This course meets the new NARM CPM requirement for application or renewal to take a MEAC Accredited course in Cultural Competency.


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 * This course continues to being offered at a discounted price of $60 - (reduced from the usual CEU price of $20 per CEU)  because it meets a new NARM requirement and we want everyone to take it!  

Participant Review:

I really enjoyed it.  Even though I work only with people of different racial backgrounds and felt I was just taking the course for the recert, I still learned so much. It also reminded me of things that I am passionate about but have let slip after some time. I am deep in ideas over the IMBCI, wondering how I can help further this in hospitals in India when I go next summer.  The links all worked fine, any problems I had were on my end with my connection. I enjoyed going to different sites and learning about others that do this work. Reading about Jennie Joseph made it hard to sit still! I have wanted to start a clinic in India that served wealth people interested in natural birth only to take that money to provide free services to the poor; I think it would be a good sustainable model. I was worried about taking the class with all three boys and the pregnancy and having to care so much for the house (we are deep into canning and preserving this time of year) but the class was easy to manage without being dumbed down at all! I hope I can get other CEU's this way in the future, it's a great way for midwives over seas to get those much sought after CEU's.  Thanks Again, Your help is always like a fresh glass of water for me!

~ Amanda Phillips, CPM, India and USA


I thoroughly enjoyed taking the course and found the format very easy to use.  The content was informative with good links to further websites and organizations for further investigations.  It was very helpful to have the links as it is very easy to get 'lost' in too much or incorrect information when using online information.  Currently I work as an Occupational Therapist in NZ and as part of this engage with people of different cultures - Maori, Pacific Island, Indian, European and I think the advise from yourself to ask 'What do you think caused . . ., and 'What do you think will make it better?' is invaluable and I will definitely be using it more.  The course made me reflect on my current practice in a health field and identify times when I have not provided a culturally competent assessment.  Even after working with a minority population in a developing nation and observing blatant mistreatment when accessing healthcare it was eye opening to find racism can be identified as a contributing factor to neonatal and maternal morbidity/mortality, however, on reflection makes sense.  The pre-exams and post-exams were a great way to focus and I found the whole layout, videos and the ease of use a great motivation to study - Thankyou to your team for producing such a good quality teaching.

~ Tina Hernandez, Student Midwife, New Zealand


Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the Cultural Competency course, it was very interesting, informative and very worthwhile.

~ Helen MacDonald, Student Midwife, Scotland


I loved the course - and glad I took online - because it is so important and I am so passionate about this...I am just floored and inspired and just love all that you do and God has put your hand to - and THANK YOU for the time and effort put into creating better birth and maternity for women all over the country.

~ Doran Richards, CPM, USA

I just finished the new Cultural Competency course, and I really loved it as well.  Thank you very much Ian for your personal and compassionate help with my technical difficulties. Thanks for providing such thoughtful and thought provoking educational material for us, your students.  I look forward to meeting all of you in person one day.  I am reaffirmed in my choice of educational path more and more each day that I study with you all.

 ~ Annie Soutter, Student Midwife, USA


I decided to do Mercy In Action's online CEU course on Cultural Competency because I have experienced Vicki's teaching in the past while taking the NARM Study Retreat.  Vicki has a very unique way of disseminating a wealth of information. You don't always realize how much you are taking away until much later. This course on Cultural Competency did not disappoint. I will admit to feeling that it wouldn't apply to me and my practice. I feel that I am relatively evolved and very accepting of other cultures. What I learned from this course is that it doesn't matter if you are accepting or not, what matters is having an understanding of the cultures that you are serving, using concrete communication skills which protect the clients you serve, and adapting your practice to the cultures you serve if you truly want to be "with woman". This course pointed out many subtle things that pricked my conscience about giving women respect no matter what their circumstances are. As well as charging me with the desire to serve women who are overlooked in our society with an even greater sense of purpose. I have a new stack of books sitting on my nightstand that I was inspired to purchase, because of this course, about a particular culture that I serve lovingly, but perhaps somewhat ignorantly. In all, I  gained much more than CEU's from this course. Thank you Mercy In Action.

~Bettie Sheets CPM, LM, USA