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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. A Midwifery School, as well as seminars and training retreats are held each year to prepare midwives, doctors, and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary child deaths. 

CEU Seminars


Mercy In Action is glad to offer select MEAC Accredited CEU seminars in intensive format. These seminars provide the opportunity  for midwives to earn Continuing Education Credits while increasing their knowledge of emergency procedures in maternity and newborn care, and practice hands-on skills with realistic simulation models.   These seminars are intense; two are worth over 30 hours of CEU credits.

Altogether, Mercy In Action offers 97 hours worth of MEAC accredited CEU hours (81 in live seminars, and 16 on-line). Some of these courses have also been approved for use in earning the NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate (for CPMs who came in under the PEP process and now want to bridge). Ask us and we will help you with this Bridge! 

If you are working as a midwife in the USA, you will want to take the seminar called  Expect the Unexpected: Midwives Handling Complications in Out-of-Hospital Settings. This is worth 36 MEAC ACCREDITED CEU HOURS taught over four full days. 

If  you plan to volunteer in developing countries, or volunteer for a disaster relief team at some point, you will also want to take the seminar called International Midwifery and Disaster Response. This is worth 33.5 MEAC ACCREDITED CEU HOURS taught over four full days, and qualifies for the Midwifery Bridge Certificate.

A shortened version of the Bridging the Gap seminar is called Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills. This has no hands-on skills component, but is useful for learning the most important things to know if you will be serving as a midwife cross culturally or in a low-resource country. This one and a half day seminar is worth 10 MEAC ACCREDITED CEU HOURS, and qualifies for the Midwifery Bridge Certificate.

In addition, Mercy In Action teaches  Suturing for Midwives, IV for Midwives, and Pharmacology for Midwives for the state of Idaho midwives, and anyone can join in these classes, each worth 8 MEAC ACCREDITED CEU HOURS, and qualifies for the Midwifery Bridge Certificate. 

Check the individual pages below for dates and locations, or write to request we bring these seminars to your area; sponsors who organize a training and gather at least 12 other participants will get the course free.

Our On-line courses include Cultural Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care, Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships, and Global Midwifery Skills: Maternal and Newborn Survival Best Practice

 Email us at:  info@mercyinaction.com